Budhi, a widow lives in a small village in Maharashtra, India. Her only son, a young farmer, has committed suicide. Though poor and left alone in the world, she leads a cheerful life. She is particularly fond of her neighbor, young Sudama with whom she shares the small pleasures of life.
The critically acclaimed Marathi language film "Ek Hazarachi Note" (1000 Rupee Note), produced and directed by independent filmmaker Shrihari Sathe, got its U.S. theatrical release on September 23. The film is set against the backdrop of farmer suicide in Phoolumbri village in eastern Maharashtra and follows Parvati, fondly called Buddhi, and the extraordinary circumstances she finds herself in.
हौस म्हणून निर्मात्याने मराठी चित्रपटाचा प्रिमिअर किंवा एखादा शो अमेरिकेत करणे आता नित्याचेच झाले आहे. परंतु अमेरिकेतील एखाद्या वितरकाने मराठी चित्रपटाचे रितसर हक्क विकत घेऊन तो चित्रपटगृहात प्रदर्शित केला असे होत नाही. याला छेद देत, 'एक हजाराची नोट' हा महाराष्ट्र राज्य पुरस्कार विजेता चित्रपट शुक्रवारी अमेरिकेत 'सिल्क रोड सिनेमा' या व���तरकामार्फत प्रदर्शित होत आहे.

1000 RUPEE NOTE (Ek Hazarachi Note) releases in NYC from Sept 23-29 at the iconic Village East Cinemas on 2nd Ave and E 12th St Tickets here: citycinemas.com/villageeast/film/1000-rupee-note TRT: 89 min Please join me for Q/As after these shows 9/23 (Fri) -- 7pm, 9:25pm 9/24 (Sat) -- 7pm, 9:25pm 9/25 (Sun) -- 4pm, 7pm 1000 RUPEE NOTE (Ek Hazarachi Note) is my directorial debut and winner of 35 awards.

Film Review: 1000 Rupee Note | Film Journal International

Anchored by a marvelous performance from Usha Naik as Budhi, an impoverished, elderly widow, 1000 Rupee Note starts by peering into her small, rural village of Phoolumbari in the state of Maharashtra. Getting a sandal repaired, buying a cup of milk, haggling with a vendor for a loaf of bread, Budhi is unfailingly polite and upbeat.