"Keeping every minute detail of the story intact, Shrihari has struck gold with his first film."
- Times of India

"A parable about the contagious nature of corruption and the curse of dirty money, “1000 Rupee Note” asks, How valuable is a windfall to people who live their lives largely without money?"
- Helen T. Verongos, The New York Times

"Deceptively simple, but building to devastating twists, 1000 Rupee Note marks an impressive debut for director and editor Shrihari Sathe".
- Daniel Eagan, Film Journal International

"Relating a simple, elemental tale and bearing no small debt to Italian neo-realism, 1000 Rupee Note marks an impressive directorial debut for Shrihari Sathe."
- Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

"Every once in a while, a film comes along and just socks you squarely in the gut, causing such a mix of emotions and leaving you utterly breathless. Shrihari Sathe's 1000 Rupee Note…is such a film."
- Katherine Matthews, Bollyspice

“Clear and emotionally powerful.”
- Orlando Weekly

"Not just a film but a gratifying experience."
- Maharashtra Times

"The film connects at all three levels- social, political and emotional and powerfully depicts the nuances of life."
- Lokmat

"With a Technicolor palette and buoyant original songs, this deeply humanistic morality tale us a feast for the eyes, ears and brain and lingers long after the credits roll."
- Mill Valley Film Festival

“A simple heartwarming story, yet so powerful.”
- Dissdash.com